Technology Level UP!

July 2013

Digital Technology has really evolved over the years, especially cellphones and computers. Access to various information is readily available in a matter of seconds. ValuCare is embracing this digital era for our valued cardholders and to improve business operations. ValuCare cardholders can now access to VC information in 3 innovative ways; Newly improved website, Mobile Website for mobile phones and computer tablets, and VC Apps downloadable in Android Play Store with keyword: VALUCARE. Cardholders can search for VC Accredited hospitals, clinics, doctors and dentists using their mobile gadgets. Basic personal information is also available through On-line Inquiry feature. Try it now and enjoy the next level of ValuCare’s


January 2013

As the New Year unfolds, I wish all our employees, partners, members , and their families a happy, prosperous and healthy 2013. Again, this is the time for us to look back and at the same time, look ahead. We need to reflect on the previous 12 months to determine what we have accomplished. Did we exceed our expectations, meet, or fail? Whatever the result is, consider it as a learning opportunity so that we can look forward with renewed enthusiasm and greater commitments for higher accomplishments. During the recent Strategic Planning Session that was participated both by the Operations and the Management Committee members, we have laid down the measurements, standards and means towards evaluating and assessing efforts and accomplishments. The thrust for continual improvement is forever the common and constant commitment by each one in ValuCare, thus, we have greatly emphasized the importance that we know how to determine where we have been, where we are now and where we are going.

"We Value Health, We Care For Life"

July 2012

The well-attended VC Fun Run, coinciding with ValuCare’s 15th Anniversary and blessed with a respite amidst storm Butchoy, was celebrated last June 16, 2012 with the hoopla and fanfare typical of, but definitely the must-haves of a grand corporate outdoor event. The sponsors’ booths, the prizes and giveaways, and the energetic runners from all ages and walks of life added to the party atmosphere. Among the exciting highlights was the raffled trip for two to Boracay with airfare and accommodation. Behind all this is ValuCare’s commitment to social responsibility, this time for the beneficiaries of Bantay Bata 163 and Plastic Ni Juan. These underprivileged kids will continue to feel the warmth and the kindness that we shared with them, long after the excitement has settled. They will not be able to express their gratitude, but ValuCare is one with them in praying that those thank yous be given back to everybody as Blessings from HE who saw us through it all. The VC FunRun – another successful undertaking of ValuCare with friends and partners!


January 2012

Year 2012 signals a new and more challenging period for ValuCare as we set the groundwork to realign our business operations with creativity, insight and the resiliency of our management and staff. We are very confident that we will be able to exceed our performance of last year because everyone has gained inspiration to open new horizons of business possibilities, undaunted by the challenges in the HMO business. This entails beefing up our operations to further make our company more appealing to our clients through the delivery of superior products and services that meet their ever changing needs and requirements.