ValuCare at 21: Leaps and Bounds

June 2018

I am sure that all of you will agree that 21 years of business growth and evolution is, in itself, an ACHIEVEMENT.

From a modest office space in Tektite with just a little over 20 employees back in 1997, we now take helm at our very own ValuCare Building and employ more than 300 service-oriented employees proudly serving more than 350,000 ValuCare members nationwide. We already have offices in Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao, but we have a pounding urge to push to the countryside further and personally reach out to our members there.

2018: Year of the Dog

January 2018

2018 is anticipated as a great but welcome challenge for ValuCare.

The expected new round of service rate increase from partner-hospitals and clinics, the ever evolving cutthroat competition among HMOs, and the resolve to fully comply with the requirements of the Insurance Commission: these are but among the many challenges that we need to wrestle head-on in order for ValuCare to continue being one of the top HMOs in the country.

Getting Bigger and Stronger

June 2017
For the last twenty years, ValuCare has triumphed over countless obstacles and challenges with determination and enthusiasm for change.

Coinciding with the steady increase in membership enrollment, the Human Capital Management of ValuCare is aggressively scaling up its workforce. This future team members will be welcomed into the company’s fully operational building.

Complementing this physical growth is a robust technical support which designed the iView system and ValuCare mobile apps. These home-grown web facilities equip the VC satellite offices, field liaison officers and corporate clinics with a local approval system designed for the convenience of members – wherever they are.

President’s New Year Message

January 2016

2015 was a milestone year for the company as it marked the final completion and official transfer of ValuCare to its new office building. I want commend all the people who have been part of making this dream project a reality for their considerable efforts and positive contribution in many areas is what have placed ValuCare to where it is now.

In terms of business operations, last year was indeed a tough and challenging year, and the true capabilities of each one were really tested.

Despite all that we’ve been through, we were still able to accomplish together a positive result. Kudos and thank you to all ValuCarers!