Value Care Health Systems, Inc. (ValuCare) is fully committed to protect and respect your privacy and personal information. ValuCare recognizes its responsibilities under the Republic Act No. 10173 otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, with respect to the data it collects, records, organizes, updates, uses, consolidates or destructs from members.

The personal data obtained from various sources such as from hardcopy application forms or those sent via email and web portal are entered and stored within ValuCare’s information and communications system and will only be accessed by authorized personnel. ValuCare has instituted appropriate organizational, technical and physical security measures to ensure the protection it commits.

Your consent to share specific information will enable us to serve you better. This Data Privacy Policy shall explain the kind of information we collect, where said information will be used, and how you can protect your privacy.


ValuCare shall collect information such as your name, email address, contact information, and any other data that may be deemed necessary.
– For your identification;
– For assessing your enrollment application;
– For attending to your healthcare-related inquiries and services;
– For informing our accredited medical providers related to your healthcare management;
– For utilization report;
– For billing and collection;
– For updating of your pertinent information;
– For informing you about ValuCare services and other products.
There will be cases when we will request for your personal information through a third party such as your employer, doctor, hospitals, clinics or other publicly available sources of information.


All information given to ValuCare will be used only for the purposes for which they were collected. Your personal information may then be disclosed to the following:
– ValuCare-accredited medical providers such as clinics, doctors, dentists and hospitals.
– ValuCare Sales and Marketing department who shall receive application forms via email, web portal and physical form.
– ValuCare Underwriting department who shall register said information to its database server.
– ValuCare Customer Care department who shall attend to requested services and inquiries.
– ValuCare Claims Administration Department who shall process availment of services.
– ValuCare ICT Department who shall maintain and secure database servers.
– ValuCare-accredited agents or brokers >whom you have authorized to mediate in your behalf.
– Government or regulatory bodies who may require any and all information for as long as they are authorized by law to do so.


ValuCare gives importance to security of your personal information, and we shall attend to your concern pertaining to any misuse, unauthorized access, and disclosure of your personal information.


You have the right to request for information about your personal data given to ValuCare and pertaining to personal data being processed or has been processed. You have the right to have your information corrected or removed.


Value Care Health Systems, Inc. may, at any given time, change and update the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, and you shall see pertinent updates on the website. Please check these pages regularly.

For more information on the ValuCare Data Privacy Policy, you may email our Data Privacy Officer thru