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By: Elmer M. Palomata, MD, RN, DPCOM- Assistant Vice President January 28, 2016

Last December 4, 2015, Mr. Fervin Marcos “Hutch” Regencia, Managing Director and Consultant of EMS–Emergency Management Specialist, conducted a talk on FAMILY INCIDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (FIMS), where ValuCare employees learned the fundamentals of preparing and responding to household and office emergencies. It similarly provided approaches on basic response before, during and after a disaster, with focus on what to expect, what to do, how to react or when to react, what to bring, who to call, where to proceed and how to recover. Sir Hutch also taught the employees the red flags of the daily commute and how to react on specific critical circumstances.

The inevitable West Valley earthquake or the “Big One” was a highlight, and Sir Hutch enlightened the participants on how to prepare themselves and their families before such a great disaster happens. A video clip of shake aftermaths from different countries was presented. This gave the heebie-jeebies to the viewers but not without making them realize that, other than awareness and preparedness, it is actually leadership, presence of mind, sound judgment and swift decision-making that are of value in any emergency condition.

The 6th floor Training Room was a full house. And because of the string of national and local disasters in the current headlines (earthquakes, fire, typhoons, floods, accidents, etc.), ValuCare employees realized that they need to understand more about how a disaster will affect their and their families’ lives, their capacity to (return to) work after an incident, and the value of preparation. Over all, the seminar was an eye-opener for many who ignore home and family security threats – whether at home, in the office, or in public places.

Sir Hutch really made an accomplishment by making the technical information palatable to the simple employee. Not to mention lively, funny and exciting!

Kudos to the efforts of my colleagues in the Organizing Committee (Jeffrey B. Copiaco, Loryn S. Dungca, Rosemarie M. Magbiray and Reynaldo M. Magdulot), and to the invaluable support of VC President Ms. Rosemarie Yu and COO Mr. Armando Macalino.