Health Tips!

Ways For Moms To Stay Healthy in Five Minutes


As a mom, you make sure everyone else is healthy–and now it’s your turn. Here are some ways to take care of your own health, in five minutes or less:

1. Check your skin: Once a month, scan your face and body (don’t forget the soles of your feet) for changes in moles or any that have the “ABCD” warning signs for possible skin cancer. A for asymmetry, B for borders that are irregular, C for color that is abnormal, D for diameter larger than a pencil eraser.

2. Get to know your breasts: Knowing your own breasts will help you to recognize if something looks or feels different. On a regular basis–for example, after your period each month–gently press your fingers into the breast tissue and armpit. If you notice anything different, such as lumps, skin dimpling, bruises, changes to your nipple or unusual discharge, contact your doctor

3. Drink Water: Drinking water goes beyond just aiding breastfeeding for mothers. Throughout your life, drinking water throughout the day helps keep you regular, cushions joints, protects your spinal cord and tissues, lowers risk of kidney disease, and even cut headaches and improve your mood.

4. Wash your hands: Hand-washing is the best way to prevent the spread of illness. Make a habit of hand washing–in just minutes, you can avoid a nasty bug.

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